Março 16, 2009


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International Conference 14th–16th September 2009
Old Shire Hall, Durham University
Sponsored by: AHRC, The Mind Association and Durham University

AIM: It has been suggested that the mental causation debate is ‘up against a dead end’ (Kim
1993), and even that a solution to the problem is forever beyond our reach (McGinn 1994). The
purpose of this conference is to present and discuss the latest research output of scholars
attempting to re-assess the problem of mental causation in light of recent advances in
metaphysics. A particular focus is on new accounts of powers, properties and causation, and of
categories and levels of being.

More information about the conference and how to register is
available at http://www.dur.ac.uk/philosophy/ontologyofmentalcausation.

Monday 14th September
14:30-16:00 Prof. JOHN HEIL, Causation and Mental Properties
16:30-18:00 Prof. DAVID ROBB, Tropes, Types, and Mental Causation
Tuesday 15th September
09:00-10:30 Prof. TIM CRANE, Mental Substances and their Powers
11:00-12:30 Prof. PETER SIMONS, Causation by Continuants: Loyal Opposition
13:30-15:00 Prof. DAVID PAPINEAU, Variable Realization and Causal Laws
15:30-17:00 Prof. SYDNEY SHOEMAKER, Physical Realization without Preemption
Wednesday 16th September
09:00-10:30 Prof. PAUL NOORDHOF, Mental Causation: Ontology and Patterns of Variation
11:00-12:30 Prof. TIM O’CONNOR, TBA


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